To achieve breakthrough results …

We believe that everyone was born to create, overcome challenges and achieve breakthrough results.

Therefore we open people’s minds and help organisations break self imposed barriers, we work smart till final results will be achieved and make sure advantage will be maintained

In this way we provide business consulting, team facilitation and workshops.


help 100 000 companies, organizations and individuals to overcome challenges, discover new opportunities and reach breagtrough results

How do we work for you

  • Discover new solutions for old problems
  1. Use creative methods to find new opportunities not seen before, open your mind and come up with new solutions for old problems
  • Make it works
  1. Choose the best solution and verify the concept
  2. Build effective and thorough concept of innovation
  • Make the change happen!
  1. Deal with peoples resistance. Change will only happen if everyone involved is committed to the change.
  2. Lead people trough the cycle of emotions and guide them to the next stage.

Proven method

  • Focus and observation – to find new solutions first you have to understand the challenge, collect data and information which will be fuel for you innovation. By observing very carefully the environment of the challenge, you will discover the opportunities that others can’t see.
  • New questions – „you cannot solve our problems with the same thinking you create it” – Albert Einstein – . Questions we all ask to solve challenge determines the way we look for ideas. Asking the same questions as others you will look for standard ideas. Change the question you ask and open your mind to find new possibilities.
  • Original Ideas – it’s easy to come up with 10 uses of paper clip and there won’t be any suppressing, original ideas. To create original ideas you need to cross the border of standard, reproductive ideas. In order to do 10 ideas might me not enough and you will have much more original proposals. Don’t stop with only few ideas, find nonstandard inspiration and generate at least 70, 100 or even more if you expect something really outstanding.
  • Incubation – your brain is the best and the cheapest computer in the world and incubate your thoughts 24/7. During this process your subconscious mind combine, transform and build connections between your ideas and problems in very efficient way. Use this process after creative session. You can manage it and provoke the brilliant flash of accurate idea and yield Eureka!
  • Concept – intuitively chosen single idea will not make any different until you will transform it into complete concept and build smart plan for effective implementation. Only strategically thought concept of the best ideas that will meet the requirements of the market and reality will be a receipt for sustainable solution.
  • Action – success is not to have good ideas, success is to execute good ideas. Talk is cheap. Use the best methods of change and project management, creative leadership, team and personal productivity to implement and evaluate innovation..